(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. I’m interested in joining BCB. Who do I contact?

A. Matthew, our Musical Director.

Email: matthew.mckirgan@b-c-b.org.uk


Q. When does the band meet and rehearse?

A. Thursdays 7.30 to 9.30 pm and Sundays 10.00 am to 12.00 pm


Q. Where does the band rehearse?

A. The band rehearses at Baildon Hall Club, Hallfield Drive, Baildon BD17 6NH
[Google Map]


Q. How do I apply to join? Is there an audition process?

A. The band doesn’t have an application form nor audition process. Normally you would be invited to attend up to four rehearsals to see if you like it, and for the band to see how you might fit in.


Q. Is there a minimum standard of playing required?

A. Generally the band is looking for a minimum standard of Grade 5. However, if you haven’t played for years and think you might be at a lower standard, we would still invite you to attend some rehearsals and then discuss with you if BCB is the right band for you at this stage.


Q. Do I have to pay to rehearse with the band?

A. The band doesn't charge for attendance at rehearsals as a potential member. We do however have an annual membership fee which would be discussed with you at the stage you decided to join. Currently the membership fee is £90pa.


Q. Do I have to purchase my own music?

A. No. All music is provided for you.


Q. Do I have to buy my own uniform?

A. A jacket & tie form the uniform and are provided for you.


Q. Who do I contact if I want to book the band for an event?

A. Enquiries to discuss booking BCB should be made to our secretary, John.

Email: john.bentley@b-c-b.org.uk 


Q. I've got a question that isn't covered by the FAQs.  Who can I contact?

A. Contact our secretary, John.

Email: john.bentley@b-c-b.org.uk



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